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Five Tips to Maximize Satellite Media Tour Success

July 25, 2012

No amount of advertising can give your product, service or brand the credibility that editorial placements on TV news and lifestyle programs can and that’s why satellite media tours (SMTs) are an effective tool for your public relations campaign.

SMTs may focus on one spokesperson for a new product or significant event, like a new book release or movie premiere.  Although these media tips are important if your promoting a movie or book, they’re essential for any other topic since the results of your media tour depend on getting these five things right.  So, if you’re considering an SMT for current or future public relations efforts, here are five tips that will not only help you maximize your success, but hit the ball out of the park.

Choose a Headline Grabber for an Angle.  Most every P.R. pro knows this, but the slugline is your one shot at grabbing news room decision makers attention so you need to make it a great one.  Think about the emails you actually open. Next to who the email is from, the subject line is what grabs your attention to open it and news producers and assignment desks are no different.  Also, don’t under estimate the power of the negative slug line either as they’ll get your story on the air.   When you choose CMP Media Cafe to produce your SMT, we will work closely with you to craft the most effective angle for your story.  For more tips on sluglines, take a look at the Number One Mistake Pros Make on Press Releases.  Finally, news producers want news-you-can-use with easy-to-understand consumer messages that are relevant to your viewers so make sure your story angle has a broad appeal or way to include a broad audience. 

Your Spokesperson Should Be Relevant to Your Topic or Angle.  In addition to your angle, the spokesperson you choose for your SMT is critical to maximize your results.  Does the spokesperson have some level of media recognition or expert credentials or do they offer a truly unique perspective on the story?  If you want to secure the Top 50 TV Markets, then an A-list celebrity will be your best shot at this but only if it makes sense for your product and product message since the wrong celebrity spokesperson (or C-Lister) will derail your best efforts if they’re not the right fit.  An A-list celeb is not the only answer to a successful SMT, however, since a meaningful consumer angle can be very effective with the appropriate expert (or “celebrity expert” – like a well known doctor, attorney, dietician, author, blogger, etc.) on the topic.  The key is relevancy combined with the angle.

Choose the SMT Airdate with Care.  Timing is everything and you want to choose the best airdate to maximize exposure.  This means that you need to be aware of a possible deluge of competing stories (i.e. election year political results, back-to-school, holidays, etc.) and avoid scheduling your airdate during these times if it’s not critical.  Also, if your catalyst for the story hinges on an “awareness” day or month (i.e. Breast Cancer Awareness, Heart Health, et al), be aware that other companies will be out there with a similar idea so either do everything you can to be the first out there with your story or develop a unique angle to set you apart from the clutter.

Synergize Your SMT with Marketing and Advertising Campaigns.   One of the most effective things you can do is synergize your public relations efforts with the marketing and advertising campaigns of the client you represent.  I’m am constantly amazed at how few companies understand this value and anticipate an SMT to have the same effect as a DRTV spot.  According to marketing research, most people need a minimum of seven exposures to a product before they make a buying a decision.  It’s one thing when they see a product in a commercial, but then when they see that same product featured in an editorial segment of a TV program, their brain connects the dots in a unique way.

To Super Size the synergy of a satellite media tour, you should also choose a date that will coincide with publicity print campaigns as well.  Think about it, you see commercials for the product, it’s popping up in television shows, and you open your newspaper or online magazine and see the same product featured there.  It takes a lot of planning, but you can see the value in this type of syngerstic approach.  Movie and TV Show publicity are a great example of how this is done well. It’s no coincidence that Angelina Jolie is appearing on the Today Show and the Tonight Show while also being on the covers of People Magazine and more while you’re also seeing commercials for her latest movie in heavy rotation during prime time viewing hours.

Start Pitching Stations Six-to-Eight Weeks Before Airdate.  Although CMP Media Cafe’s strong and up-to-date media contacts carry a lot of klout when it comes to booking a satellite media tour, a minimum six-to-eight-week lead time from the time the Media Alert is approved is recommended to maximize success of pitching your SMT to news media.  Due to the current media environment, if less than eight weeks are allotted, there is a greater risk that the programs we’re targeting will already be booked for the timeframe available.   Keep in mind that most programs only have openings for one to two satellite media interviews each day so we want to be first to pitch them your story before their schedules book up.

Use these top five tips to maximize your satellite media tour success.  Also, feel free to contact us for a consultation on your project.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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PSA’s Turn Into Viral Video When You Think Outside the Box

July 7, 2012

We’ve seen them for years.  The typical Public Service Announcement commonly referred to as a PSA.  A celebrity shares an important announcement to create awareness for a non-profit organization or a corporate sponsored goodwill message.  Enter a little bit of b-roll, play the violin, see a sad picture, and then a call to action.  I’m sorry.  It’s boring.  They get on the air, but…does your audience, the average television viewer, remember them?  And more importantly, do they take action?  Are they motivated by the call to action to  donate, volunteer or “get healthy?”

It’s not just about getting TV air time for your PSA, but you want to create an on-air spot that is not only remembered by television viewers, but also has the potential to turn into a viral video on YouTube or other internet video services.

I love this PSA with former Saturday Night Live’s Kevin Nealon.  It’s a perfect blend of satire (poking fun at traditional PSAs) and delivering a serious message.  Take a look:

This PSA has captured over 107,000 YouTube views in just two weeks and is quickly gaining speed.  Why is this easily on its way to becoming a viral video?  Because this is the kind of video you share on Twitter and post on Facebook.  People laugh and want to share.  But if this PSA was edited down to the final 30 seconds and that’s all people saw, it wouldn’t stand a chance at going viral since then it would be a a typical public service announcement.

So you see how satire and humor is a not only a great way to create a memorable message, but will be viral video material, now a hard hitting drama can be effective too.  We all know how dangerous it is to Text and Drive – or do we?

This PSA produced in the U.K. has captured over 1,000,000 YouTube views. No doubt, a lot of people have shared this on Facebook to draw attention to how dangerous it is to Text while driving, but it also creates very dramatic and memorable images that don’t just say “don’t text and drive” but show the consequences which is highly effective.

Though not quite at viral video status, this anti-smoking PSA has the right idea:

Here’s a classic PSA from the Ad Council:  Keep America Beautiful.  Baby boomers and Gen-Xers alike love retro stuff so if you’re organization has some golden goodie blasts from the past, put them up on YouTube and share them on Facebook and Twitter.  A great to way to leverage a part of history and it’s free (if there are no restrictions or copyright considerations).

This Anti Dog Fighting PSA uses a unique perspective (talking dogs) to make the point of how horrible dog fighting is.  It’s very social media media friendly and shareable.  With approximately 180,000 views, it’s been very effective.

I love the humor in this pseudo PSA on End Cat Boredom that’s sponsored by Friskies.  With over 750,000 views, it’s a good example of how a little creativity will take you a long way.

So you’ve seen some good examples of how to think outside the box and turn your message into a viral video.  Derek Halpern also has great tips on what makes your content viral. You can use a very small budget and produce a  “PSA” just for YouTube and online video outlets.  When you’re producing a PSA for television, don’t forget to design it with the additional YouTube (and other online resources) in mind to maximize your audience reach and feel free to call CMP Media Cafe for a free consultation on how to effectively your PSA.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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Innovative Media Spin: How to Promote Your Book on YouTube and Beyond

July 5, 2012

I wanted to share an innovative book promotion idea that I saw from my friends at The Huffington Post featuring their interview with media strategist, Ryan Holiday,   I love his refreshing candor in revealing his public relations tactics with bloggers and seeing how he’s using a book trailer (on YouTube) to promote his daring new book that may be giving away one too many “trade secrets.”

We don’t want Soundbites Cafe to be a blog about a blog per se, but when we locate interesting ideas that public relations pros need to know then we do want to share it.  Here is an informative interview that may have missed your radar and is definitely worth a read since it not only showcases a great way to use YouTube to promote a book, but it also reveals the wizard behind the media curtain and is also full of food for thought:

From The Huffington Post

Ryan Holiday manipulates the media for a living. He is a media strategist for various clients, including Tucker Max and American Apparel, whose founder says that Holiday “has done more for my business than just about anyone.”

His forthcoming book, “Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator” (Portfolio, $26.95/$12.99 ebook, published July 19th) promises to reveal the secrets of how to trick the media into sharing your message.

Why is Holiday revealing his methods? Because he hates the current system, and he wants to break it.

His book trailer, above, is both provocative and intriguing. We interviewed Holiday on the phone about the news cycle, how he never gets caught, and why he hopes his book will “blow the system apart.” More

A provocative read indeed.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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