Is the Press Trip a Dead Duck?

According to Piers Fawkes, the founder and editor-in-chief of PSFK, a daily news site that acts as the go-to source of new ideas and inspiration, public relations executives are impeding media by failing to understand the change of process and structure in modern newsrooms.  If a PR person takes a member of his staff out of the office for three days on a press trip in the hope that they produce an article on their client, it means they could drop to half the production of content during those three days. That’s 35 articles less on his media outlet because someone went to write one piece on a product/company/project. And PR people want us to do that for free.

As a media owner, he wants to ask PR people to reconsider the jollies, the parties and the press-events. Newspapers and magazines are dying, news sites are failing — and PR people are carrying on in the same way they always have. He thinks many are out of touch with the reality of the way media needs to work today to survive.

Piers says that PR seems to be absorbed with social media monitoring – following all this social chatter from a windowless war-room. Meanwhile, they are ignoring how to evolve their processes so that they can get the story written about in the first place.  He advised that PR people need to behave like sales people and jump on planes and get to people’s offices or they need to hold video conferences and other ways to connect.

PR needs to adapt to the way modern media works. The South African conference promoter who wants me to travel for 20 hours should instead run a Google Hangout with PSFK featuring some of the speakers, the awards show PR guy needs to fly the Atlantic and take me through an iPad presentation of the best work during my lunch break, the luxury motor company needs to turn up outside our office with a ride when I’m planning to go home anyway.  Read more.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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