Green Screen is Not Leprechaun Friendly

If you’ve ever worked with green screen (and we use it for several projects each year), you know that it is not “leprechaun” friendly, so if you’re a meteorologist on St. Patrick’s Day, just be prepared to get pinched since you cannot wear green – at least you can’t wear it on-the-air.

Maria Molina Meteorologist 03-17-14I saw this fun photo being shared on Facebook today from FOX News Channel’s Meterologist, Marina Molina, that is a great example of the technical problem when you wear green with green screen.

And, for Groundhog Day fans (the movie, not the actual day), how can you forget the scene with Andie McDowell who plays a TV news producer having some fun with the chroma key weather set.


The key to doing the best green screen shots involve not keying a static photo backdrop, but a moving video backdrop instead to provide an on location look and feel along with proper lighting.  All of our travel satellite media tours with Emily Kaufman, The Travel Mom, use this technique beautifully.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Peace and lucky charms,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

Copyright (c) 2014. CMP Media Cafe. All Rights Reserved.

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