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Airlines, Hospitality & Travel Companies Listen Up! Travelers Hate Irrelevant Communications

July 29, 2015

We saw this very interesting blog on Bulldog Reporter thanks to their Twitter feed and since we have many travel industry clients, this is a must share.

Consumers are growing increasingly frustrated with the amount of untargeted marketing offers sent by airlines and travel providers, according to Grounded by Untargeted Marketing: Travelers Frustrated with Airline, Travel and Hospitality Communications, a new survey of more than 500 travelers from travel-focused customer intelligence platform Boxever. In fact, for 55% of consumers and 58% of business travelers, three out of every four travel offers received are completely irrelevant to their needs and preferences.

“The volume of untargeted and poorly-personalized communications sent by travel companies is surprising—especially considering the amount of customer data available to brands today,” said Dave O’Flanagan, co-founder and CEO of Boxever, in a news release. “The travelers we surveyed made it clear that they are not receiving the level of personalized and value-orientated offers they desire, which affects how they plan to engage with brands in the future.”

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Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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Social Media is Becoming a Leading Source of Breaking News

July 24, 2015

Twitter and Facebook are increasingly becoming leading news sources. According to a new study by Pew Research Center of more than 2000 U.S. adults, almost two-thirds use social media sites for catching up on current events. This is up significantly since 2013 when about 50% of adults in the U.S. said they used Twitter and Facebook for news.

I do know that it seems like I hear about certain news stories through my Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds since I’m more plugged into them than I may be to an online news website, TV, or radio.

Just like me, most news directors and editors are probably not surprised by these survey results since most news agencies have directed their resources to get their reporters to write their stories and promote them on social media to drive traffic to their online sites.

Twitter is particularly an important tool for not only, news addicted readers, but also for reporters looking for scoops.

Social media is indeed working in tandem with news outlets (broadcast, digital, and print) with platforms like Twitter and Facebook being great ways to also drive viewers to their digital news where they can capture an audience they may not reach through the traditional channels. In fact, social media may be the “new tradition.”

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Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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Infographic: Ways to Improve Organic Reach with Facebook

July 1, 2015

Have you noticed a decrease in engagement and audience on your fan page?  According to an infographic from QuickSprout, organic reach has dropped 49 percent since October 2013.

Although Facebook’s algorithm might be responsible for a slowdown in your Facebook engagement and reach, there are things you can do to increase your organic reach. Here is an infographic to teach you how to increase your organic reach.

How to Improve Your Facebook’s Organic Reach
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

So you see, optimizing your organic reach isn’t rocket science and if you use Facebook to analyze your fans, you can gain insights to grow your reach.

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Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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