Comedians “Trick” TV Show Into Booking Them As ‘Fitness Experts’ and Then Get Sued By Station

I don’t know. Forgive me, but I actually think comedians, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, were quite brilliant and inventive with their publicity strategy to promote their comedy by booking a segment as a “Strongman Duo” named Chop and Steele on “Hello, Wisconsin,” a news program in Eau Claire, last November. In fact, they are a hilarious as they demonstrate a variety of bizarre fitness tips including tennis racket sword fights.

Here’s a clip of the segment:

[Segment on “Hello, Wisconsin” with “Chop & Steele.”]

I’m shocked and confused that the station, WEAU-TV, and producers did not roll with it and weave it into the segment that this comedic team were not fitness experts at all, which was rather obvious, but comedians and you can catch there show at “XYZ Local Venue.”

Nope. It is appalling to me that the owners of this Wisconsin TV station are suing these two comedians and accusing them of pranking the morning news show by pretending to be fitness experts. But, c’mon. There’s more to this story. According to New York Daily News, Nick Prueher shared that “We hated doing promotional appearances on morning shows as ourselves so we thought it would be funny and interesting to see if we could book fake people (or characters) on these morning shows.”

In fact, Prueher thought the segments were more fun than if they just promoted their regular gig, The Found Footage Festival, a touring show of strange and unusual videos, as themselves. Well, the “Strongman Duo” concept was a very successful pitch and they managed to get booked as “Chop and Steele” on seven morning shows.

I think they’re right. This is a terrific (and laugh out loud funny) segment and the producers and station owner should lighten up. They could have made a choice to accept the silly and hilarious segment for what it was — comedy. Instead, they’re making a “stink” about it.

Here’s a YouTube video recently posted by Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher regarding this hot mess of legal doo doo and a plea for help to pay for legal bills for this lawsuit with a Go Fund Me page.  I wish them the very best and agree with them. This is a frivilous lawsuit.

[YouTube Video – Plea for Help Fighting the Lawsuit]

To read more about this story,  read the full story here.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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