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Multimedia News Releases (MNRs) Are Press Releases on Steroids That Increase Earned Media Results

May 4, 2017

Want to increase your earned media results and make your press release get journalists to sit up and take notice? Well, then you need to turn it into a Multimedia News Release (or MNR). They are press releases on steroids and can increase earned media results dramatically. In fact, 71% of journalists need PR pros to provide more multimedia content according to a recent survey by Cision which also uncovered that some journalists always (or often) use multimedia elements in their story. The bottom line is they need your visual elements to support your story.

Source: Cision

In case MNRs are new to you, they are a media package distributed through a wire service that includes press releases with multimedia content along with documents, images, video, and infographics or other multimedia elements.

There is no doubt that media consumption preferences of Americans have changed and there is a trend toward mobile readership with a significant uptick in video requirements.  We eagerly consume with our eyes and feast on the latest food and beverage products, tech gadgets, fashion trends, beauty tips, sports gear, and so much more, and multimedia offers a spicy “zing” journalists and bloggers are looking for to make content come alive.

In response to these trends, journalists are now catering to this increased multimedia use and PR pros can get a leg up if they implement images, graphics, and video, into their press release strategy. MNRs are the best tools to deliver journalists what they need. By providing multimedia content, you can increase your earned media opportunities and provide more engaging stories to the consumers you want to reach with your brand.

When you use an effective earned media strategy, MNRs can provide an opportunity for you to tell newsworthy stories in a variety of formats. You can also build brand credibility, educate, entertain, and, ultimately, drive business forward with your targeted consumer audience.

Source: Cision

With thousands of news releases being distributed every day, your story needs to grab the attention of journalists and newsroom decision-makers. By incorporating multimedia elements like photos and videos you can get traffic bumps of up to 77% according to some sources. If you’re looking for opportunities to reach a broader audience and drive more views, then an MNR is a powerful way to do this since the content can be shared on blogs or across social channels in addition to broadcast, thereby spreading a release’s main messages even further.

Creating multimedia news releases are a smart PR tactic and here are some guidelines to consider when producing content for your MNR:

#1 – Start with an attention-grabbing headline. Journalists cited press releases and story leads as their #1 most valuable PR resource in a recent Cision study. They scan through hundreds of stories on the newswires and field over 500 emails or more each day, so unless you have written a headline for your story that grabs their attention right away, you are not going to cut through all the clutter. We have five ways to write headlines that will increase your earned media results so you will want to check it out on our blog.

#2 – Write a user-friendly press release. Think like a journalist or blogger when you write your MNR press release and write it (or adapt it) to that style of writing. You must break free of the standard rules for writing press releases to have the most success with a more newsy or friendly writing style.

#3 – Think of your story visually. It’s very easy to get caught up in the written word and not consider images to support your story angle, but it essential that you think about visual storytelling.

#4 – Photos. Visual storytelling is a critical pillar in any effective communication strategy so think about how to support your story with strong images that nail it. Photographs and graphics (including infographics) are the easiest way to bring your story to life. Provide the highest resolution image possible to allow journalists and your audience to resize the media for different channels. Also, your multimedia elements must be yours or be free and properly licensed since you need to provide the images for free and unrestricted use.

#5 – Videos. If a picture paints a thousand words, then video paints a million. With today’s access to easy video production and editing tools, you don’t need a video production expert to create a good video, but you may want to hire a consultant to guide you through the process who has newsroom sensibilities and experience. We’ve produced high-quality news-style videos on a minimal budget using high-resolution photos and edit moves (i.e. push, pull, pan, zoom) combined with sound bites and/or just a simple voice over. Here are a few video tips to be successful with production and earned media results:

  • Less is More: 60 seconds or less is a general ideal length for videos and 30 seconds is even better so your script needs to be concise since most viewers have a very short attention span. According to Ad Age, you will lose 33% of viewers by 30 sec, 45% by 1 minute, 60% by 2 minutes, so you can see how important an experienced content producer is for helping you develop your video.

Viewer Engagement Research by Visible Measures

  • Think ahead: Before you edit or shoot, you need to develop a script and/or a storyboard to ensure your message comes across as you intended. In the case of a real-time, live-streaming event, your featured “player” should have some newsworthy sound bites prepared that compliment or reinforce your message.
  • Turn quotes into soundbites. While reporters typically like to conduct their own interviews, they will often grab a quote from a release or a soundbite from an MNR if they’re under a time crunch. Make your sound bite of choice even more appealing to reporters/bloggers by giving them a video file to embed with their article. Also, make it memorable and newsworthy (or don’t bother).
  • Be creative but don’t overdo it: If you notice the directing, it is bad directing. It’s okay to be creative if that’s part of your industry, then go for it, but don’t do fancy camera moves that make the audience notice the camera move more than what is being said. You can use extreme angles to create a dramatic effect but only if it makes sense for your story.

#6 – Make it social media friendly. Think about how your MNR and elements can be shared across social media channels including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. If you have a great story, you get even more traction.

#7 – Don’t go it alone. There’s a lot that goes into the content creation of an MNR to make it successful. At CMP Media Cafe, we work closely with our clients to develop the most effective content creation story angle and visual assets including the best MNR distribution package for your brand to guarantee success.

How effective are MNRs? Depending on how the MNR is constructed, the category or industry, and newsworthiness of the story, it’s not uncommon to see reach results hit 75 million UVPMs. If you’d like to learn more, please contact CMP Media Cafe.

Perhaps we can officially declare text-only press releases a thing of the past because MNRs help make your story more attractive and easier for reporters to access the content they need.


NOTE: Cision’s annual survey of more than 1,550 North American journalists and influencers reveals key findings on how journalists use news releases and multimedia to tell better stories. According to the Cision 2017 State of the Media Report, when communicators pair compelling messages with rich formats like photos, videos, social media posts, infographics and data, they can drive better and more accurate coverage and increase earned media opportunities.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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The Future of Journalism? John Oliver Nails It with Humor and Surprising Accuracy

August 10, 2016

I’m probably not the only one who has been dismayed by the lack of true journalism in the media outlets on television, radio, online and in print.  John Oliver has put together a brilliant segment on how the steady collapse of print journalism has affected newsroom decision makers. It also doesn’t miss the overwhelming focus media has today on pushing viral social media content into its broadcasts and online outlets in this recent edition of his program Last Week Tonight.

For years, broadcast television and radio have relied heavily on the hard work of print journalists who sniff out news and break scandals.  TV and radio reporters are not usually the gritty journalists who roll up their sleeves and get the kinds of stories that put Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein on the map.   That’s always been the skill of print journalists at local and national newspapers.

Sure, there have been many credible TV reports that have broken important stories in politics, corporate corruption, and crimes against consumers, but as I sat in many pitch meetings as a producer, our primary sources for story ideas for television programs came from newspapers. magazines, and PR pitches.   Now, digital outlets rely heavily on the newspapers they are quickly replacing and social media as their primary sources.  Is it the death of journalism? Let’s hope not, but you owe it to yourself to invest 20 minutes of your time today to watch John Oliver’s brilliant segment that hits the nail on the head of a profession that is on life support — true journalism.


The satirical movie trailer for Stoplight (spoofing the movie Spotlight) is worth the wait at the end. It’s a very clever and humorous look at the reality of today’s newsrooms.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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Peyton Manning Likes Budweiser But They Didn’t Pay Him to Say “That”

February 11, 2016

If you watched the immediate Super Bowl “after glow interviews” on Sunday, then you saw CBS reporter Tracy Wolfson ask Peyton Manning, the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl, whether he would retire after this game.

Peyton seemed to have an ice cold beer more on his mind and answered her with, “I’ll take some time to reflect. I’ve got a couple of priorities first. I want to go kiss my wife and my kids. I want to go hug my family. I’m going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight, Tracy, I promise you that.”

During the trophy ceremony, he again mentioned a desire to consume beer which left many of us “industry insiders” wondering if he had struck a deal to be the Budsweiser spokesperson.  Well, turns out, no, he was not paid for this celebrity endorsement.  Peyton Manning just likes Budweiser.

That’s what you call an organic mention, but how much was it worth in free advertising to the beer company?  A whopping $3.2 million according to, which cited a sponsorship analytics agency, Apex MB Analytics, for computing the final dollar amount.   That doesn’t even take in to account the actual publicity value that far exceeds the advertising value — this was the “Super Bowl” of earned media.

And don’t forget the added value of all the social media mentions. According to The Washington Post (referencing Amobee Brand Intelligence) Twitter tweeps were singing like a song bird choir to the tune of 265,000 tweets within 12 hours of the start of the game.

Now, even though Manning was not paid by Budweiser, he does have a vested interest — evidently he owns shares in two Anheuser-Busch InBev wholesalers in his native Louisiana, according to Beer Business Daily.

It is fair to mention that NFL players aren’t supposed to endorse alcoholic products, according to league rules, but this was not technically an endorsement if he wasn’t paid to say it.

The NFL evidently has its own beer deal with Bud Light that has signed an agreement for $1.4 billion to continue sponsoring the NFL through the 2022 Super Bowl, according to

But no matter how you slice it, Peyton Manning appears to be a brand preferential sort of guy and that sort of loyalty is priceless — or is it?

Source: The Indy Star

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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Marketing and Branding Lessons from Netflix

December 2, 2015

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been ten years since my love affair with Netflix began (and not long after I was hired to produce an interview with Baz Luhrman for the company and cover a big announcement on the Fox lot in Century City).  There’s just something about getting a fire-engine-red envelope with a DVD inside delivered to my mailbox that makes me happy (not to mention all the great entertainment streaming online and into my living room via Roku).


Their media model and marketing strategy has great tidbits for professionals in all aspects of broadcast, entertainment, marketing and public relations.  Barry Enderwick, who worked in Marketing at Netflix for eleven years, just took a stroll down memory lane with a post on LinkedIn on the growth of Netflix from a DVD company to a major force to be reckoned with in Hollywood — and HOW they did it.  Read more (via LinkedIn).

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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Are You Over Paying for Television Airchecks? CMP Media Cafe Has a New Discount Service for U.S., Canada, & U.K. Broadcast TV Clips

October 14, 2015


Generating media buzz for our clients is what the power of public relations is all about. Getting your product and client mentioned or featured in television news, lifestyle and talk show programs is the Holy Grail of public relations success and an aircheck of the TV clip is the undisputable trophy of achievement. Unfortunately, the price tag of a single aircheck has always been high (approximately $100 to $175 each) and the cost of securing multiple airchecks from traditional monitoring services can add up quickly and be astronomical to purchase.

CMP Media Cafe has a new competitively priced and low cost digital solution for public relations, marketing and corporate communications professionals. Digital files of TV segments can be obtained through our company for a cost that is significantly lower than what most monitoring services are currently charging and we now provide broadcast archive clips to clients for $79 per digital aircheck with additional discounts available for purchases of five or more airchecks in the same order.

National and International Airchecks. We currently monitor TV coverage of all local TV markets and national broadcasts in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom including all major U.S. network affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX and MyTV and others in select markets including the BBC and ITV. Clips from cable news programs, cable talk shows and programs, syndicated programming and audio clips from over 100 radio local and national radio outlets are also available and most clips are available for digital delivery within hours of airing.

How it Works. If you know where and when your client or product mention occurred, then simply contact me at CMP Media Cafe [(213) 986-8070] and provide the following information:

  • Type “Aircheck Request” in Subject Line of Email
  • Channel Number
  • Station Call Letter (or Cable Outlet)
  • Broadcast Date
  • Broadcast Time
  • Name of Program
  • What the Story Was About
  • Keywords (Names of People Interviewed, Topic, Product Name, Etc.)

Once we locate the program and verify that it is the correct clip, clients pay via Paypal and the clip is delivered for download to your email address.

Digital Delivery is Quick and Easy. Same-day service for broadcast news, lifestyle and talk show programs is available from most national markets. We do recommend that you contact us within two weeks of the program airing since most clips are only in the system for 30 days (with some exceptions).

Your digital aircheck is available in a number of digital formats including MP4, MP4-HQ, WMV, WMV-MQ, and we can provide an instaplay link to view it online (with purchase). Your broadcast clip(s) will also the closed captioning transcript(s) (if available) at no additional charge. If you prefer an archive copy, we can ship you a USB Drive of digital files of your airchecks (additional fees apply). We can also provide an edited “Show Open” of the program with aircheck clip for a small additional charge (available on request).

How to Use Airchecks. From breaking news to lifestyle programs, our services provide you with the tools needed for media documentation, media training for company executives, business development and even crisis management. Digital clips ensure that you have a record of every mention related to your organization, clients, competitors and industry – and you can view your coverage soon after it airs, using digital media and convenient online delivery. Many clients edit together their media coverage  to include at trade show presentations, professional conferences, sales meetings, shareholders meetings, and company marketing and management training events.

Important Note: Material supplied by CMP Media Cafe may be used for internal review, analysis or research only. Any editing, reproduction, publication, rebroadcasting, public showing or public display is prohibited. Client may contact media outlets directly to secure permission to use the aircheck(s) on a website (or other purpose), but CMP Media Cafe does not provide this service.

Audio Clips from Radio and Spanish Language Airchecks are Available for Select Markets. Audio Clips from Radio are Available for Bloomberg Radio, NPR, and select stations in local markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and many more top 100 markets. We also monitor select Spanish language stations so we may be able to locate and secure airchecks for you through our broadcast database.

We look forward to providing you with our new discount aircheck service so please contact me at CMP Media Cafe [(213) 986-8070] for your digital media needs.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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