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How The World Uses Twitter [Infograpic]

June 22, 2015

Want to know how the world uses Twitter? There are over 270 million Tweeps around the world actively tweeting 140 characters at a time. It’s a great social networking platform for businesses to communicate with their clients or customers, gain new prospects, and even drive traffic to their website or blog.

But just because lots of people are on Twitter doesn’t mean they all use it the same way. This infographic offers some unique insight into demographics on typical Tweeter.

Infographic courtesy of

how the world uses twitter

I hope you enjoyed these Twitter statistics.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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Eight of the Biggest Social Media Mistakes Brands Make and How To Solve Them

June 4, 2015

What are the biggest social media mistakes that brands make on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? There are many blunders, but here are some of the most prevalent ones and how to solve them.

Pushing out one sided “ads” for a product. Nothing is more of a turn off in the social media world than only promoting your product, brand or service. No one wants to be “sold.”

Not sharing or re-tweeting useful information that is related to the product. Think about ways to be helpful to people so they will want to follow you or your brand and that includes retweeting or sharing info that’s relevant when it makes sense to your product or brand. Share relative industry or consumer info that compliments your product, brand or service. For example, if you have a sports product, tweet, retweet and/or share info on complimentary products or health tips.

Failing to interact with followers or fans and forgetting that the name of the game is “social” media. Social media is not only about how many likes or retweets your posts receive and claiming the metrics as “success.” Support and engage your followers and fans in a genuine and authentic manner. Have fun, be real, but be careful. Don’t overshare or be too casual. Use the unique social media opportunity to connect with product and brand fans and convert them into what Peter Shankman calls “Zombie Loyalists.”

Marianne Schwab and Peter Shankman

Marianne Schwab and Peter Shankman

Not actively managing social media platforms. In today’s 24/7 world, it is imperative that your social media accounts are actively managed to prevent a crisis or to respond to one. There has never been a time in history where a company has immediate access to its customers (and visa versa) and have to hope and pray that broadcast and/or print media gets your company message out during a crisis.   Don’t just issue a press release. Proactively use social media resources.

Forgetting that social media platforms work differently. Social media platforms are not created equal to one another and have different “rules” and personalities. It is important to understand how each one interacts with users to avoid a complete fiasco. Twitter works very differently from Facebook or Instagram and people may use one or all of these resources to connect with their social networks, but they use them in different ways and sometimes for different audiences in their social networks (for example, for family and friends only versus business colleagues).

Not following your local reporters and anchors. Twitter and Facebook offer amazing opportunities to connect and build relationships with reporters and anchors. Be helpful to them and engage them outside of pitching them so that when you do have a great pitch for their publication or program, they’ll know you and respect you because you’ve built a relationship.

Not having an active blog that connects to consumers to steer fans and followers to your social media channels. Blogs are one of the most neglected and overlooked ways to connect with people who love your product or brand. First, if you use search engine optimization correctly, new consumers will find your brand or may be converted to it because you can establish credibility and trust. Second, use the company blog to provide great info that will educate them on your industry (not just your product) and provide complimentary content or resources and make sure the blog is not “faceless.” Designate an expert in the company or several experts in the company to write the blog. For example, if you have a vitamin company and have an R.D. on staff or a CEO who has nutritional credentials, they should share their expertise.

Not being an active social media user. The biggest reason that so many companies make social media mistakes that hurt their brand or product is because they are not immersed in the social media world themselves. You can read about it. You can rely on consultants and experts, but the best way to truly get the most out of this tool is to use it for yourself.


Marianne Schwab and Gary Vaynerchuck

I actively engage on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and it makes a dramatic difference to my understanding of the social media world.   I met Gary Vaynerchuk in 2011 and was concerned that I was late to the social media party and he encouraged me that it was just getting started. I now have a respectable 11,450 Twitter followers (and growing) as @TravelProducer and my travel blog gets a steady 50,000 plus page views monthly. I have also actively co-hosted Twitter parties for #NUTS, #TNI, and #FRIFOTOS over the years in addition to growing other Twitter accounts to thousands of targeted followers easily and quickly.

It’s not too late to readjust your social media strategy to use this exciting media tool effectively for your public relations campaigns and more.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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Twitter Fills Movie Theater Seats According to Survey

July 24, 2014

There’s a reason there’s so much chatter from Hollywood about Twitter: it sells tickets.

According to a new study by Nielsen, 87% of Twitter users said their most recent decision to see a film in the theater was influenced by tweets.

Twitter users are also a captive audience for movie-related information, with an estimated 65% of Twitter users saying they follow a film-related account, which includes specific titles, theaters and actors.  Read more

Social media definitely has it’s influence when used organically.  I recently made a decision to go see a movie based on what a friend said about the film on Facebook.

But it’s not just movies that are getting a push through social media.  Social media users share their favorite brands, products and services with the valuable word of mouth “advertising.”

Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter Parties, Facebook and more, social media is an essential tool for your public relations toolbox.  Feel free to contact CMP Media Cafe about setting up a Twitter Party for your product or a free social media consultation.


Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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Why Twitter Parties are a Social Media Darling

March 4, 2014

I love Twitter for so many reasons.  Of all the social media tools out there, Twitter is the social media darling that really gets you up close and personal with people you would never have such easy access to in the days before social media transformed the way we communicate with customers, colleagues, friends and fans.

Twitter parties are a great social media tool and one of the best twitter-party-logouses of Twitter. When I was a relative novice on Twitter, I discovered Twitter parties. Since my Twitter profile is @TravelProducer, I started participating in Twitter travel parties and the first travel Twitter party I participated in was #TNI, which stands for Travelers Night In. While enjoying the 10 question Q&A over the course of 90 minutes, I got to know a lot of fun people who were either travel bloggers, loved travel or just loved meeting people on Twitter. To my surprise, at the end of the Twitter party I found out that I had won a $450 piece of Hartmann luggage. I thought, “Wow! I didn’t know I could win prizes on Twitter parties.” I was hooked and I became a #TNI regular every Thursday at 12:30 PM Pacific time.

Soon, because of my growing Twitter following as @TravelProducer, I was asked to co-host several of the #TNI Twitter party events and it wasn’t long before I was also recruited to co-host #NUTS every week, a popular weekly Twitter party sponsored by that fills the Tweet stream with fun topics (often with a retro theme) for sixty minutes every Tuesday at 12:30 PM Pacific time.  The rest is history and I’ve been co-hosting Twitter parties now for several years and also recently launched @TheValueGal that is edging up on 3,000 followers in just a few short months.

What is a Twitter Party? For those of you who may not know exactly what one is, a Twitter Party is an online event sponsored by your brand that you can use to meet your customers, announce a service, launch a product, or simply get people talking about your product. You pick the time, the hashtag, and then people bring into the conversation.

Engage target customers. Twitter parties are a great social media tool to engage directly with people about your product in a genuine way.  They also can help you increase web traffic before, during and after the event, help you can increase Twitter followers or Facebook fans, grow your opt-in subscribers to your company emails, and there is the ability to spread your message rapidly on Twitter.

Economical Social Media Outreach. Twitter parties can also be a relatively low-cost social media advertising method and a great way to engage current customers and potential customers as you get them talking about your industry and brand. Ultimately, the goal is to get your brand name trending on Twitter to increase brand awareness, offer helpful information to the Twitterverse about your product, and track the metrics of participants in your twitter party for further analysis.

Planning a Twitter Party.  Planning a Twitter party can be a little overwhelming if you’ve never done one before and you’re new to the tweet scene.  That’s where CMP Media Cafe can step in and help you through this process with some simple ways to prepare for your Twitter party.  We’ll help you:

  • Develop a Twitter party theme.
  • Determine a date and time for your Twitter party and/or identify possible synergy of partnering with established Twitter party hosts as a sponsor.
  • Write a script to help you with managing the flow of conversation and determine what’s the best way to get the conversation flowing – should you go with a traditional Q&A format, a scavenger hunt format, a mix of both, etc.
  • Design and implement a web site landing page for your Twitter party promotion to collect attendee information.
  • Write and edit advertising/web site copy.
  • Use multiple social media channels for promotion and advertising of your Twitter party.
  • Determine appropriate use of giveaways to generate increased participation in the event.
  • Identify celebrity or high profile blogger host(s) where appropriate.
  • Host the party and identify appropriate co-hosts to expand the reach and metrics of your Twitter party event.
  • Provide a detailed post-party report that includes a list of new followers and subscribers, their e-mail addresses, prize fulfillment and details of your hashtag’s performance before, during and after the event.

Brands love Twitter parties because they’re relatively inexpensive, and they have the potential to generate hundreds (if not thousands) of tweets about your brand in just a couple of hours plus many other benefits.

Blogger Outreach. CMP Media Cafe also offers blogger outreach programs and promotions.  Studies show that more and more people seek recommendations and referrals online before making purchasing decisions. Moms are a core demographic and we’ll help you reach them by creating meaningful content through a network of bloggers. Generate more buzz for your brand with a combination of Twitter parties and blogger outreach.

For more information about Twitter Parties and Blogger Outreach, contact me at CMP Media Cafe.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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