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Rachael Ray Show Looking For Experts To Book As Guests for How-To Segments – Here’s What You Need to Know

June 22, 2017

I love the Rachael Ray Show.  It’s one of the best daytime lifestyle talk shows on the air.  I love that it is positive.  I love that I get great tips and solutions for everyday problems.  I love that it inspires me. And….did I mention how much I love the easy to make (and delicious) recipes?  You see, I’m not just a TV producer but a viewer but I do learn how to be better at what I do by studying one of the best lifestyle talk shows on the air.  You should study to it, too, because it could give you a wealth of ideas of how to create story angles and media hooks to get you or your client booked on one of the hottest, most watched, and  entertaining lifestyle talk shows hitting broadcast during the day.

And when you succeed at getting yourself,  brand, or client booked on the Rachael Ray Show, it’s very shareable on social media so that you can really leverage the TV appearance and exposure.  So if you don’t have a direct contact on the show (or a Cision account), just go to their website and submit your idea.  If you make it stand it out (and follow the advice I give in my book, The Insider’s Guide to Media Training), then you have a good shot at getting yourself or your client booked on the show.  And if you don’t have a P.R. pro representing you, no worries.  The form is very user friendly for experts in food, fashion, beauty, DIY, decor, health, fitness, and more.

So if  you (or your client) have amazing food skills with tips and tricks that can rival one of Rachel’s chefs or maybe you’re a home decor diva who can design anything on a dime, what’s stopping you? Or if all of your friends call you when they are throwing a party or want to re-decorate or people come to you for weight-loss advice and always need your help with nutrition, what’s stopping you?

Also, when it comes to fashion, do people say you are the most stylish in the room, and want you to share your secrets for how you get everything on sale or you’re a skin care expert with fountain of youth beauty secrets or you are the author of a non-fiction book on your expertise and think you have what it takes to be an expert on the Rachael Ray Show, the producers want to hear from you!

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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Marianne Schwab is the author of The Insider’s Guide to Media Training and the go-to broadcast media expert to show you how to get booked on TV and ace your on-camera interview. Her producer credits include Live with Regis & Kathie Lee, Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, Runaway with the Rich & Famous, E! Entertainment Television ON E! Specials, and many more. She has worked in broadcast for over 25 years and is currently the Executive Producer for CMP Media Cafe — a company specializing in broadcast public relations where she provides customized media training services for clients and offers one-on-on Media Coaching (@VIP_MediaCoach) for clients including experts, authors, corporate executives and cl.

The Price of Celebrity Plugs: How Much is a Tweet Worth?

April 27, 2016

When the average TV viewer, radio listener or social media user hears that a celebrity uses a product, most have no idea that the celeb is a paid spokesperson (even though FCC and FTC laws dictate that they acknowledge it).

Companies regularly hire celebrities to plug their product and are often at the mercy of agents to determine the spokesperson fees and have not really had a way to determine the “fair market value” to pay for services.  Well, now you can turn to to Thuzio, a company that uses a sophisticated algorithm which has reverse-engineered 10,000 real-life transactions to calculate the price of a celebrity appearance, tweet or Facebook post from every VIP on planet Earth to determine a price tag for what society values.

In the brave new world of social media endorsements, celebrity tweets can cost advertisers millions depending on many factors: the type of celebrity, their cross platform following, and engagement with followers.  A ginormous Facebook and Twitter following is certainly a big factor, of course, and musicians are worth more than athletes when it comes to appearance fees.

Taylor Swift Tweets

Thuzio 360’s  talent database is available by subscription and is primarily used by marketers looking for that perfect superstar spokesperson or mini-celebrity to promote their brand on social media.  So who are New York’s most valuable celebrities? Taylor Swift tops the list and theoretically commands $2.5 million for a single appearance and Rihanna is second on the list at $1.5 million.

Rihanna Tweets

The Wall Street Journal covered this intriguing topic in detail and if you’re considering a celebrity spokesperson for your SMT project, be sure and check out our tips for the best value for your spokesperson budget or contact me at 213-986-8070 for a free consultation.

Peace and coconuts,

Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe

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